Just enter a list of albums in "Artist - Title" format and render that list to an image. If there is an incorrect or missing cover anywhere, you can use a different cover art by adding a pipe ("|") and the url to an image behind the album


Bathory - Octagon
Universe - Universe|
Morbid Angel - Illud Divinum Insanus|

Charts are not stored anywhere.
This page just converts a text list into an image. You need to save your list somewhere else, use Simplenote or whatever


Can i use different fonts?

No, this one looks good enough and can display most weird unicode characters.

Can i get more than 6 columns?

There, i done did it

Can I turn off titles?

If someone can convince me, how that could be useful, I might maybe add the option

Any chance on adding collage mode?

I personally have never really seen anyone using it and also think it looks like shit, so probably not

Did anyone actually ask these frequently asked questions?


I Am the Lorax